Writers Workshops – Why Authors and Illustrators are at the heart of transforming literacy outcomes for kids


Each and every one of us has had our moment where imagination ran free. Think back to your childhood where you would spend hours acting out make believe stories and scenarios. Maybe you were a prince, a princess, an astronaut, a pilot, an explorer… the list goes on. Many of these tales of imagination were inspired by the myriad of bedtime stories read to us as little kids.

Imagine how it would feel if all that inspiration didn’t exist.

Imagine wanting to share that creativity with others but not having the resources to do so.

Stories matter and the work that we do at NABU would not be possible without the help of our NABU creators. 


Through our Writer Workshops NABU provides training for local creators with a story to tell and access to a network of editors, publishers and artists with the experience to bring their creation to life. There is no greater joy for a child to read a story in their local language and to see themselves represented in illustrations on the pages.

The success of our first Writer Workshop program in Haiti laid the foundation for our reimagined mission and vision to address the root cause of illiteracy- the imbalance in the creation and distribution of culturally relevant children’s books. Thanks to our Writers Workshops in Haiti and now also in Rwanda, we have been able to produce more than 290 original stories to date!


The beauty of the Writers Workshop is that one original title has the ability to reach so many children for many more years to come.

To date these original stories have reached 38,571 (and growing by the minute) readers.

Let’s bring back those free moments of imagination to adulthood! So if you are an author, illustrator or creative with a story to tell- the NABU Writers Workshops is the sort of creative development you want to be a part of.