Women Giving a Bleep Podcast

This month NABU launched the Women Giving A Bleep Podcast! This new podcast is a space for all the women who are building enterprises to change the world. We invite women and their allies to discuss the opportunities and the challenges associated with building out their boundary-breaking enterprises. The podcast is hosted by NABU’s Executive Director and co-creator Tanyella Evans – a woman who has built NABU from the ground up! Tanyella was heralded by Beyoncé in 2020 as a “Woman Making History”, one of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017, and 2014 Echoing Green Fellow – as she chats to other extraordinary women giving a bleep. 

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The conversational series was birthed to create a space for women to discuss the a to z of creating and sustaining world-changing enterprises. Whether it be the essentials lessons, the challenging moments, the opportunities, the threats we hope to cover it all and more in this podcast.  


Women Giving a Bleep will spotlight female social entrepreneurs, with the first episode setting the foundation of global issues within education and globalization, alongside the more practical discourse of ‘how to’ pull off a startup, build a successful non-profit, and not crumble into despair somewhere along the way. 


Tanyella interviews her co-creator Isabel Sheinman on the ins and outs of how they were able to build NABU into an organization that is today impacting the lives of over 50,000 children and families. The two co-creators, colleagues, and obvious friends discuss how their unique experiences within the education field shaped their characters, from Tanyella’s time at school in Jamaica, to Isabel’s experience growing up as a first-generation New Yorker.

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Their youth sparked their hunger for change and eventually led them to each other. Touching on the importance of doing research and prioritizing knowledge whilst pursuing an altruistic mission, Tanyella and Isabel have a candid and raw presence on the record, exploring the challenges and hurdles they faced within the first five years of their now established organization NABU. A warm listen in a time where we really need it. Here is to many more conversations with women who give a bleep.