NABU User Spotlight: Olivier & Brigitte

NABU User Spotlight: Olivier & Brigitte


My name is Olivier. and I am in Primary Four. My mom is a teacher and my Dad owns a small shop in my village.

My favorite subject at school is Kinyarwanda, and reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Reading helps me understand my local language, and also helps me learn new languages – especially when I read in English. I especially love reading in Kinyarwanda because I am able to really connect with the story.

Because I read on the NABU app, I have become the first in my class and ahead of my peers. The NABU app has helped my memory because I love memorizing stories.

Before I had the NABU App, I had challenges reading because I did not have access to many books. The books I did have were ripped and that made it hard for me to read.

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“Umubyeyi mu murima w’ingano “is my favorite book on NABU. It teaches me about honesty and hard work. I am always excited to share stories with my mother after reading, and we always discuss stories I do not understand.

My dream is to keep focusing on reading, and hopefully one day I will be able to start a community library, so that the next generation of children will love reading as much as I do.

Olivier’s mother, Brigitte, has the following to say about the impact of the NABU App on her son and their relationship:

My name is Brigitte, and I am the mother of Olivier. Since the NABU App was introduced into our community, my son has become more curious. He has also grown more critical, often questioning why certain stories are written the way they are. He is obsessed with reading since now, to the extent that he has made his own reading time-table.

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“Reading together has created a special bond between us”


Our bond has strengthened because of his curiosity and because we often read together. The NABU App helps expand my child’s imagination and I have hope now for his future. I can see that his imagination is growing, and that he is slowly beginning to form dreams and ambition.

I am lucky to be able to tutor my child because we can access books together at home and read whenever we want; it’s as if I have a learning center at home! My son’s future is bright; he is now starting to teach himself other languages.


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