‘Many Stars, One Moon’ world-changing children’s book


New York, NY Release 1st of December, 2020 


Now more than ever, stories that champion equality, social justice, and inclusion are so important to the future of our society. That’s why this Giving Tuesday Belletrist has partnered with global literacy nonprofit NABU to run an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to commission the first book in a world-changing children’s series.  


The motivation for this creative Giving Tuesday campaign is to use the power of stories to create global connections and share culture, aiming to increase diversity and representation in children’s stories. 58% of parents report that diversity is extremely important in the books their children read and yet only 13% of children’s books published in the US in the last 24 years contain any kind of multicultural content (Scholastic & Harvard GSE). 


Founded by actress Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss, Belletrist celebrates great books and the people who read them. This led to a natural partnership with NABU, a global literacy non-profit that provides access to quality, culturally relevant native language storybooks for children in low-income countries, by commissioning local artists and writers to create these books.

NABU’s mission is to solve the imbalance in the creation and distribution of children’s books globally, so all children can read and rise to their full potential. Through mother tongue book creation, tech innovation, and community engagement, they are tackling global illiteracy more efficiently at a scale never before achieved. 

The campaign will launch on Giving Tuesday on Indiegogo, where contributors will be able to fund NABU’s authors and illustrators in Rwanda and Kenya, to create this one-of-a-kind children’s book edition. Belletrist hopes to raise $2,000 to create the first story in the Many Stars, One Moon series, with contributors being able to see the storyline and illustrations come to life in real time. 

If they reach their goal, the printed edition will be available in English to Indiegogo contributors, and also in Swahili and many more languages in digital format for free to over 100,000 readers accessing NABU’s low bandwidth reading application in Rwanda, Kenya, and Haiti. 


The team hopes that this is the start of a movement to support the creation of locally-made native language books for 250M underserved children. 40% of children worldwide do not have access to books in their native language, even though native-language instruction is the most cost-effective intervention in early-grade literacy, helping children to reap the benefits of education.

Contributions to the campaign will be felt for generations to come. The first book in the ‘Many Stars, One Moon’ series will empower children around the world, and equip them to self-advocate and participate in critical conversations around gender equality, prejudice, social justice, and climate change. 


Join Belletrist and NABU in championing social justice, by contributing to the ‘Many Stars, One Moon’ series, through Indiegogo to create a world-changing children’s book this Giving Tuesday.


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