On The Asian Hate Movement & Healing to Empower Others with Actress Sarah Lian

In episode 5 of Women Giving A Bleep, Tanyella Evans interviews Sarah Lian, a boundary pushing Chinese Malaysian actress who grew up in Canada now based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After beginning her acting journey in the US, Sarah made a name for herself in Southeast Asia and today she runs her own boutique talent management agency Suppagood and her wellness retreat Supparetreat that was birthed from wanting to give back to her company and community. Today the retreat has evolved and turned into a successful wellness business that holds a safe space for beautiful powerful women to explore their own potential and shine in their own light.

Sarah Lian | Instagram @imsarahlian


Supparetreat was organically created when Sarah decided to organise a retreat for her employees and talents to connect, share ideas, and give each other constructive criticism. When she saw that the feedback results were incredibly positive Sarah and her business partner decided to offer this externally to others from all walks from life. 


Since their first ever retreat in 2019, Sarah and her team held 8 events in just one year and built a community of roughly 100 subscribers and since then they have steadily grown the business moving the workshops online during the pandemic – Supparetreat has now 800 subscribers from all parts of the world. “We focus on how we want people to feel when they first arrive and always ask ourselves how we want people to feel when they leave.” Sarah believes her success comes primarily from having a focus more on the women’s individual healing and experience above all. 

Sarah Lian | Instagram @imsarahlian
Sarah Lian | Instagram @imsarahlian


“We focus on how we want people to feel when they first arrive and always ask ourselves how we want people to feel when they leave.”

“For me, the story of empowerment is really about unlocking your stories, fears, accessing your emotions and connecting with others. We want people to walk out with confidence and clarity. The beauty of Supparetreat is it’s the women that create it – the atmosphere of unconditional love. A different perspective on who they are – it’s all about the mindset shift.” 

With all the conditioning in Asian culture especially with the pressures in how to present ourselves, saving face, our reputation, meeting these expectations like getting married or having children at a certain age, 

Sarah believes her work today is more important than ever with all that is going on in the world today.

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Sarah Lian | Instagram @imsarahlian
sarah lian
Sarah Lian | Instagram @imsarahlian


Sarah also shares with us her experience moving and growing up in Canada and despite having full awareness that she was an immigrant, her natural ability to connect and appreciate other people and cultures allowed her to find a sense of belonging in her community and feels very privileged today to have had such a fulfilling childhood. 


Today she uses her voice for good standing up for the Anti Asian Hate movement, having first hand experience with her parents being treated unfairly, she channels her energy in focusing on solutions in how to stand up for one another and showcase how to be an example to step in and offer support for one another.