NABU Launches Campaign to Provide Books For Recently Displaced Afghan Children

NABU Launches Campaign to Provide Books For
Recently Displaced Afghan Children

In partnership with the Segal Family Foundation, NABU translates a collection of 40 children’s books that will be made available in Pashto and Dari for recently displaced Afghan children globally.

KIGALI, RWANDA – November 1st, 2021


NABU, a New York based, non-profit focused on eradicating poverty through increased literacy, partners with the Segal Family Foundation to further the education of displaced Afghan children by providing educational materials in their mother tongue language.

While nearly 6M Afghans have been driven out of their homes by conflict, violence, and poverty, since January of this year alone, 665,182 Afghans have been newly displaced. The impact of the conflict for women and girls has been particularly devastating — accounting for 80 percent of that total. 


As a leading non-profit publisher of multilingual books, NABU has committed to translating 40 original and leveled titles from Kinyarwanda into the languages of Pashto and Dari for female students evacuated to Rwanda. While immediately addressing the need for mother tongue educational materials in Rwanda, the impact will scale to benefit the larger global community of 60 million people worldwide that speak these languages. 

“NABU’s Campaign for Displaced Afghan Children will have global reach by publishing books on our free reading app, providing access for Afghan refugees and evacuees wherever they are,” says Amos NABU’s Director of Global User Engagement from NABU’s regional headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda. “Our mission is to solve the global literacy crisis, which currently affects 250M children who have no access to books in their mother tongue, and conflict is only deepening this urgent crisis.”

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Since 2013, NABU has a proven track record of responding to emergency situations. At the height of the pandemic in 2020, NABU created a COVID-19 Health collection which was made available in 28 different languages to empower children to help prevent the spread. From this collection, in partnership with UNICEF Australia, NABU’s Virus Stopping Champion was adapted for the islands of Micronesia and read by 300,000 children and families globally.

For more information about how to donate to NABU’s Campaign for Displaced Afghan Children – please visit 

About Nabu

NABU is a non-profit organization, with a mission to solve the global literacy crisis so that every child can read and rise to their full potential. Disrupting the cycle of poverty, they leverage technology to publish children’s books for free on digital platforms in mother tongue languages.

The application can be used on iOS or any Android smart device with an operating system (OS) of 4.4 and above.

About the Segal Family Foundation

The Segal Family Foundation works to heal, repair, and transform the world, by supporting meaningful causes centered on human kindness and social justice. Partnering with organizations both large and small, the Foundation focuses on enabling innovative programs, sparking new organizational collaboration, and helping to build capacity.

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