2018 Mid-Year Update from Rwanda

As I sit at our office here in Kigali, Rwanda, I wanted to write to give you a mid-year update on our work.

Firstly, a reminder that on June 28th we changed our name to NABU.ORG in order to have a simple, four-letter name that our thousands of readers around the world could easily say and identify with. Nabu means ‘the scribe’ and is an ancient symbol of literacy and wisdom. 

NABU.ORG is really resonating in Rwanda - we are officially the fastest growing reading app here, with over 6,700 downloads of our app since February! 

I have spent an inspiring week in Rwanda with our Director Amos and our interns, who have been working extremely hard to get communities reading and to build the reading culture in their country. Their most successful strategies thus far include a grassroots campaign with teachers, sending ambassadors out to show people how to download the app, and running book quizzes on the local radio. 

We also met with local illustrators and writers in preparation for a writer's workshop we would like to run in the coming weeks. Jean-Paul, pictured below, is a teacher and early grade learning specialist. He is so passionate about his students' learning that he travelled three hours from rural Nyanza district to meet with us. We talked about him attending our writer workshop training, so that he can the train others in his community. We also met Patrick, a talented young illustrator who is ready to help with illustrations of children's books that we will digitize and put on our app. 

As I look to the rest of the year, I believe we are building the foundation of a scalable model of digital publishing and distribution here in Rwanda. This is a tech-enabled, low-cost model that we can adapt to the East African region and beyond.

I am excited to have you on this journey and to learn and grow together as we create a literate world, one reader at time. 

My Best, 
Tanyella Evans
Executive Director and Co-creator

Tanyella EvansNABU.ORG