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Millions of children around the world are unable to read simply because they don’t have enough books in their mother tongue?

At NABU, our goal is to solve the global literacy crisis one mother tongue story at a time.  And now you can help by joining Build My Book

Build My Book is a peer-to-peer campaign that allows anyone to help raise money to create and distribute high-quality mother tongue language books to millions of children around the world through the NABU reading app.

At NABU our mission is to solve the global literacy crisis one mother tongue story at a time. By fundraising for Build My Book you will be helping us add another book to our collection and the money you raise will go towards achieving our mission.


It’s easy! Just follow these 3 steps:

Step 1

Sign up with your name and email

Step 2

Create a personal Build My Book page on GiveLively

Step 3

Share your campaign to friends and family and reach your goal!

Raise $500 and a story is created!

Raise $1250 and art work is added to the story.

Raise $2,500 and the storybook is translated and made available to children around the world!

How much you want to raise is up to you!
Send us an email if you wish to end your campaign and we will send you a NABU Badge of completion!

Now let’s get you signed up!

Help NABU Create World Changing Children's Books!

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