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NABU opens doors. We publish mother tongue stories that help children succeed, and also provide over 2,000 stories in English and French. On the free app you can find a collection of early grade reading books. These are an essential bridge to literacy and all other learning.

Apps_lrg is available for Android on the Google Play Store

Available in…


English, French, Haitian Kreyol


English, French, Kinyarwanda, Swahili

Democratic Republic of Congo

English, French, Swahili, Lingala

Don’t live there, join the waitlist or download our demo app with a selection of titles from across our programs.


How do I get access to

Currently, is available in Haiti, Rwanda and the DRC. If you are in any of these countries and have an Android device, you can download our app from the Google Play Store and begin reading immediately. If you are a supporter and would like to see the app, you can download our demo version that has a selection of our titles from across our programs. A lot of our titles are copyright only for distribution in low income countries, so you will not be able to access all of them, but you will be able to see live data from our reading programs, some of the original NABU stories, and more!

What devices can I use on? can be used on any Android smart device with an operating system (OS) of 4.4 and above. Most of our community partners such as schools use a class set of 30 tablets which are easy for young children to use, and can be circulated amongst classes. The iOS version will be available before the end of 2019.

My area doesn’t have Internet. Can I use

Yes, there are two options for use offline. Firstly, is optimized for low bandwidth environments. If you are reading from our mobile app, the books you download while you are connected to the Internet become available in your My Books section when you are offline.

In addition, can be used offline using a local server we call a “hub”. As a community partner using our hub version, all books are available offline on your local server. Your catalogue can be updated by connecting periodically to the Internet, or via USB. If you are interested in purchasing a NABU hub, please reach out to us on the contact page.

Do you sell devices?

NABU does not provide or sell hardware. However, as long as you have an Android device with an operating system of 4.4 or above, you can access the app. In some countries, we partner with device manufacturers who sell hardware to our users at low cost. The NABU hub can be purchased through our partner manufacturer. Contact us for more information.

Are there any costs for accessing will always be open and free for anyone to access, including our early grade reading collection of local language content, and our vast collection of curated materials.

We do offer additional services for our community partners such as schools, libraries or community centres who require support to set up and maintain, for example, on a local server. If you need technology support or would like us to work with you to source and curate custom collections, reach out to us here and we can come up with a custom quote.

We offer:

  • Additional custom content
  • Usage data and analytics
  • Technology support

What languages are available on

We are adding new titles all the time! Our growing digital collection currently has high-quality books in English, French, Haitian Creole, Kinyarwanda, Swahili and Lingala. We will be adding new languages to our programs as we continue to scale.

Do you have books for adults and teens?

Yes. Although our primary focus is on early grade reading; we provide hundreds of books across our program countries for all ages, ranging from early teens to adults.

How many books are available on

Currently, we have over 2,000 books available for enjoyment on Our collection is always growing as we create and acquire new content.

Does NABU translate books?

Generally, no. Through our publishing network of local writers and illustrators we create original high-quality levelled and decodable readers that are curated to local needs. We do translate some of the best titles from local authors into English for wider enjoyment.

Can I donate my books to NABU?

Yes! You can donate your digital content to the network and make it accessible to readers in any one or all countries, by assigning us a license to distribute your work. We accept high quality content for all ages, and you can send us digital files in virtually any format. Contact us to donate your content.

Can I run a writer workshop in my community?

Yes! We are currently accepting applications for writer workshops in Kinyarwanda, Swahili, and other languages on our roadmap. If you are an organization with a venue, access to 10-20 windows laptops, ability to gather to 20+ participants (they do not have to be trained writers) and a small budget to cover hard costs, please reach out to us.