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NABU and Dr. Thupten Jinpa have joined forces to create a collection of Tibetan children's books that celebrate the power of compassion and wisdom.

As a lifelong champion of worldly wisdom, compassion, and kindness, and with a lifetime of experience combining ancient Tibetan tradition and modern spiritual practice, Dr. Jinpa is guiding the creation of NABU's Compassion Collection. Eight books will be created and published on the NABU app, in print with partners, and through established programs to reach millions of children globally.

The Compassion Collection will not only represent themes of compassion and kindness, but will also highlight broader themes in Tibetan tradition, including our relationship to the environment, story as a vehicle for social change, Tibetan value of family and connection, and others. The rich Tibetan cultural tradition can teach the global community how to live better while a generation of children and their families across the world can benefit from these lessons.

NABU will work alongside Tibetan artists to create original, bilingual Tibetan/English story books across four early-grade reading levels.

Children’s books are a powerful tool for fostering cultural pride amongst a population and preserving languages that are at risk, when no longer taught. This project is a non-political way to contribute to documenting the language and cultural illustrations for this generation of children, and generations to come.

Read the first two books in the collection.

"The Yak's Dream" and "Tashi" are the first two books from the collection of eight books we will create. The books available to download for free on the NABU app.

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The Yak's Dream book cover

The Yak's Dream

Tashi book cover



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