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Our Team

  • Tanyella Allison portrait

    Tanyella Allison

    CEO, Co-Creator

  • Taniya Benedict portrait

    Taniya Benedict

    COO, Co-Creator

  • Michael Ross portrait

    Michael Ross

    Creative Director

  • Colleen Furman portrait

    Colleen Furman

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Chris Barr portrait

    Chris Barr

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Amos Furaha portrait

    Amos Furaha

    Director of Global User Engagement

  • Nicki Pezzulo portrait

    Nicki Pezzulo

    Chief Development Officer

  • Marina Mihajlova portrait

    Marina Mihajlova


  • Jessica Laing portrait

    Jessica Laing

    Grant Relations Manager

  • Lavinia Choremi portrait

    Lavinia Choremi

    Executive Assistant

  • Beryl Oywer portrait

    Beryl Oywer

    Programs Manager, Kenya

  • Cristina Istrate portrait

    Cristina Istrate

    Programs Manager - Romania

  • Philippe Nkwakuzi portrait

    Philippe Nkwakuzi

    Programs Associate

  • Mauro Daez portrait

    Mauro Daez

    Program Manager

  • Clarisse Iradukunda portrait

    Clarisse Iradukunda

    Operations Manager

  • Kate Wanjira portrait

    Kate Wanjira


  • Melvin Ochieng portrait

    Melvin Ochieng

    Project Manager

  • Omu Camus portrait

    Omu Camus

    Content Manager - Philippines

  • Monica Grecu portrait

    Monica Grecu

    Content Manager - Romania

  • James Nyaga portrait

    James Nyaga


  • Bruno Iradukunda portrait

    Bruno Iradukunda

    Senior Illustrator

  • Boris Kalisa portrait

    Boris Kalisa

    Senior Illustrator

  • Emmanuel Bagirishya portrait

    Emmanuel Bagirishya

    Senior Illustrator

  • Robert Muhire portrait

    Robert Muhire

    Senior Illustrator

  • Margaret Muthee portrait

    Margaret Muthee


  • Alice Gichuru portrait

    Alice Gichuru


  • Husna Isamil portrait

    Husna Isamil


  • Françoise Thybulle portrait

    Françoise Thybulle

    Director of Haiti Programs

  • Dr. Rosemarie Perry portrait

    Dr. Rosemarie Perry

    Head of Research at NABU

  • Maurice Ndayisaba portrait

    Maurice Ndayisaba

    Ambassadors Program Coordinator

  • Ricardo Tuyishimire portrait

    Ricardo Tuyishimire

    Ambassadors Program Coordinator

  • Janet Machibi portrait

    Janet Machibi

    Graphic Designer

  • Deborah Marube portrait

    Deborah Marube


  • Ibrahim Oroni portrait

    Ibrahim Oroni


  • Peter Ndiwa portrait

    Peter Ndiwa


  • Abel Murumba portrait

    Abel Murumba


  • Jael Oweka portrait

    Jael Oweka


  • Nikki Abaya portrait

    Nikki Abaya

    Graphic Designer

  • Lisa Maria Ștefan portrait

    Lisa Maria Ștefan


  • Bianca Preda portrait

    Bianca Preda


  • Larisa Baltariu portrait

    Larisa Baltariu


  • Stefania Luminita Tanase  portrait

    Stefania Luminita Tanase


  • Adelin Eliza Mocanu portrait

    Adelin Eliza Mocanu


  • Irina Anghel portrait

    Irina Anghel


  • Mara Gudina portrait

    Mara Gudina


  • Gabriel Demeter portrait

    Gabriel Demeter


  • Luiza Pomohaci portrait

    Luiza Pomohaci


  • Adela Holdon portrait

    Adela Holdon


  • Flavia Stanciu portrait

    Flavia Stanciu


  • Andy Dragomir portrait

    Andy Dragomir


  • Rucsandra Enache portrait

    Rucsandra Enache


  • Daria Alexandrescu portrait

    Daria Alexandrescu


  • Laurenția	Carîp portrait

    Laurenția Carîp

    Graphic Designer

  • Cristina Beatrice Preda portrait

    Cristina Beatrice Preda


Board of Directors

  • Kathryn Ritchie, Chair portrait

    Kathryn Ritchie, Chair

    Founder and CEO of Ignition Institute

  • Kelly Gallagher, Treasurer portrait

    Kelly Gallagher, Treasurer

    Vice President of Content Acquisition at Ingram Content Group

  • Damien Vanderwilt  portrait

    Damien Vanderwilt

    Co-President & Head-Global Markets, Galaxy Digital Holdings

  • Deanna Lane portrait

    Deanna Lane

    CEO of FastLane Consulting Group

  • Kweku Mandela portrait

    Kweku Mandela

    Co-owner of Out of Africa Entertainment and Co-founder of non-profit Africa Rising

  • Isabel Sheinman portrait

    Isabel Sheinman

    Co-creator NABU and co-founder of the Roadmaps Festival

  • Diana Cohn portrait

    Diana Cohn

    Educator, award-winning children’s book author, and former Executive Director of the Panta Rhea Foundation

  • Tanyella Allison  portrait

    Tanyella Allison

    CEO, Co-Creator NABU

  • Sashi Valtz portrait

    Sashi Valtz

    Global Head of Institutional Account Management at Coinbase

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