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NABU is a technology enabled publisher of multilingual children's books, accelerating children's literacy through their mother tongue.

Why give to NABU

If every child could read, 171 million people would rise out of poverty. Give to NABU and make a scalable and sustainable impact.

What your donation provides

  • Distribution

    We are constantly improving our low bandwidth reading app, which is available for free in our program countries
  • Mother Tongue Book Creation
    We work with local authors and publish original mother tongue stories in underserved languages that get children and parents excited about reading and learning
  • Content Curation
    We source and organize thousands of children’s books in English and French in our catalogue so children can bridge from their mother tongue to their national language
  • Local Leadership
    we establish local teams who drive reading activities and engage with community partners to build a culture of reading

Why give monthly?

  • Unlock Innovation

    We won’t solve the literacy crisis by thinking small. Monthly gifts mean we can plan for the long term and invest in our scalable technology platform to reach every reader
  • We Are Transparent
    Receive live tracking in your inbox, so you know exactly the impact your donation is supporting
  • It’s Affordable
    Give as much as you choose to on a monthly basis, and have extraordinary impact over time
  • Join Our Inclusive Community
    Share your story of being a literacy champion on our Writer’s Wall, and receive early invites to our NABU Nights event series
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Our work is supported by an amazing community of individuals who champion literacy and equality.

Impressed by the people, passion and impact of NABU.

Rich Russo, Chief Creative Officer at Havas Adrenaline

The gift of reading broadens horizons, inspires curiosity, fuels wanderlust, and fills our hearts and minds with stories we could never imagine on our own, but so often help drive our own creativity.

Agnes Fischer, Executive Group Director, Droga5/ Author of Eggs Unscrambled: Making Sense of Egg Freezing, Fertility and the Truth about Your Reproductive Years.

When I was a kid reading was THE escape for me. It expanded my world, gave me things to believe in, made who I am today. We need as many readers as we can get these days.

David Baldwin, Writer/ Creative Director/ Author of The Belief Economy: How to Give a Damn, Stop Selling, and Create Buy-In.

Reading was such a large part of my childhood. Discovering new worlds in books was what made me want to be a writer. So grateful to for the work they're doing around the world. And very happy to be a part of it.

Mary Ashton Burgh, Writer at Havas Worldwide

I am a writer. I am an ex-teacher. And I am totally inspired by what you guys are doing.

Eric Bertuccio, Writer at Havas NY

Reformed journalist and lover of the written word. There is no frigate like a book, to take us lands away...

Frank Connolly, Senior Editor, MindEdge Learning

Fast reader. Slow writer. Medium ukulele player. Deeply inspired by this initiative!

Alla Gonopolsky, Freelance Writer and Brand Strategist

Enthusiastic reader. Even more enthusiastic writer. Former Copy Girl at Ogilvy and elsewhere. Currently author of 'Lutheranliar Looks at Life' (If Nora Ephron and Garrison Keillor had a Lovechild, it would be Lutheranliar.)

Alice Whitmore, Author of Lutheranliar Looks at Life

I am inspired by anyone seeking to learn, improve their life or live to their full potential. And I help others do that with my coaching, speaking and writing. I focus particularly on those with learning disabilities, but my teaching and writing applies to pretty much anyone. I am also inspired by Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle, who showed me the truth in Marcus Aurelius\'s quote that, 'The happiness of our life depends on the quality of our thoughts.'

Alan Brown, Coach, Speaker, Writer at

I'm honored to be part of such a transformational community that's bringing opportunity and education to the world.

AnaLiza Alba, Freelance Creative Director/ Writer, Co-Founder of fibi&clo

This donation is in honor of my mom, who always had her nose in a book. I guess if I was really honest about it, it was her love of reading that ultimately taught me the power of words.

Kurt Nossan, Group Creative Director, Havas Worldwide

Writing is more than creativity and communication. Writing is therapy that gets you into your own head. Writing is discovery and release. Writing is laughter and tears. I've been inspired by Ellison, Baldwin, Salinger, Oates, Cummings, Poe, Della Femina, Plath and many more.

Ken Gilbert

Dedicated to all the great wordsmiths at Havas NY. And we love the effort and passion of

Havas NY, NY Office of Global Advertising Agency

I've made my living writing and working next to great writers. I love what is doing for literacy in the most impoverished communities in the world. They're changing the futures of kids around the world.

Jerry Della Femina, Writer/ Author/ Columnist. AAF Advertising Hall of Fame Writer. Author of From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor & An Italian grows in Brooklyn. Owner and Columnist of The Independent

I love what NABU is doing. So smart. Keep it up.

David Steinberg, Comedian/ Writer/ Director of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Author of The Book of David. Documentary, Quality Balls: The David Steinberg Story

Thanks to Rich Russo for telling me about this. And for the opportunity for authors to share our books with others, too!

Kelly Simmons, Author of Standing Still; The Bird House; The Fifth of July; One More Day.

Without writing you cannot tell a story. Without storytelling, then brand marketing wouldn't exist. This dedication is hundreds of writers and storytellers over the years at Havas Formula who have built brand narratives for their clients.

Michael Olguin, President of Havas Formula

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