NABU.ORG is a new publishing network that democratizes access to literacy. 




Right now 250M children are at great risk of exploitation because they are leaving school without being able to read or write. Literacy is a prerequisite for eradicating poverty; from reducing child deaths, to raising incomes, to defending women and girls rights.

The reason this injustice exists is because of limited access to local language books, which means children can’t learn to read in a language they understand. NABU.ORG addresses this huge unmet need by creating and distributing local language books that support children in learning how to read. NABU.ORG is redefining the publishing system and democratizing access to literacy, one child at a time.

The cost to society of 250M children not achieving basic literacy is $129BN

If every child could read by the time they left school, there would be a 12% drop in world poverty

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As a subscriber to NABU.ORG, for just $3 per month you can directly support the eradication of poverty through literacy.

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