Our mission at NABU.ORG is to create a literate world. Literacy is a prerequisite for eradicating poverty, yet globally there is a severe shortage of local language books at the early grade levels. As a result, 250M children are leaving school without being able to read, rendering them extremely vulnerable to social and economic exploitation.

Our solution is NABU.ORG, a new publishing network that democratizes access to literacy. When children can read in their local language first, they grow in confidence, and literacy levels shoot up. By offering training for writers and illustrators, we create original local language books that support children in learning how to read. NABU.ORG is our omnipresent publishing network that can distribute this content to billions globally.


250 million children globally cannot read or write, even after four years at school


You can be part of creating this new publishing system by joining the Read To Rise Network for just $3 per month