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250M children globally are not achieving basic literacy. We are solving the global literacy crisis so that every child can read and rise to their full potential.


NABU is a technology enabled publisher of multilingual children’s books, accelerating children’s literacy through their mother tongue.

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Our Model

1. Content

A child needs access to 160 mother tongue reading books at the early grades. We train local artists to publish high quality books in mother tongue languages.

2. Distribution

Content is useless without distribution. We have developed the NABU multilingual kids book app, the best reading app for low bandwidth environments, to provide free access to books.

3. Engagement

Literacy requires children to be actively reading everyday. We link reading behavior to in-app reward, and invest In local reading programs.


“I used to be afraid of answering questions in class, but since reading on NABU I have become more confident. I love reading in Kinyarwanda, especially funny stories, like when the rabbit goes to steal wheat. I can now understand Kinyarwanda much better, and can share my ideas fearlessly!”
-Belize, age 10


“Reading on NABU helps me understand my local language and also helps me learn new languages like English. I am always excited to share stories with my mom after reading and she helps me understand. NABU helps me boost my memory because I love memorizing the story!”
-Olivier, age 6, and his mother, Bridgette

Your Impact

With your monthly support, you can directly assure that children have access to our app each month. By committing to a minimum of $100 per month, our on-the-ground reading ambassadors will receive the support needed to deliver mother tongue storybooks to the children they represent.

Insights from our programs

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