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OCT 30, 2023

Fostering Creativity, Empowering Young Minds: Introducing the NABU HP Creative Lab in Manila

NABU: Fostering Creativity, Empowering Young Minds:  Introducing the NABU HP Creative Lab in Manila

With great joy and anticipation, NABU, in partnership with HP, unveiled our third global Creative Lab. Our newest NABU HP Creative Lab is nestled in the heart of downtown Manila, Philippines within the children’s museum, Museo Pambata. This beautiful and vibrant space will now become a hub for local artists and young readers. More than just a physical space, the HP Creative Lab in Manila represents a transformative force, offering a convening place for artists, illustrators, writers, and translators who share a passion for children's stories. These creative minds will come together to produce enchanting children’s books, each book a stepping stone toward NABU's mission to eradicate illiteracy worldwide.

This NABU HP Creative Lab has a special focus on the Filipino community. In the Lab, we will provide training for Filipino artists and authors giving them the skills to succeed professionally. Work done in the Lab will expand NABU's collection of Philippines mother tongue books, currently available in Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Bicolano, Maranao, and Hiligaynon, with over 130 stories available for free on the NABU App.

This location marks the first NABU HP Creative Lab in Asia, with other Labs in Kigali, Miami, and Nigeria. According to Tanyella Allison, CEO and Co-Creator of NABU, the NABU HP Creative Lab merges the allure of storytelling with the potential of the digital age, cultivating creativity in an era dominated by technology.

Not only does the lab open its doors to creatives, but it also welcomes young, curious minds eager to explore the magic of storytelling. For children visiting Museo Pambata, it's an opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of creativity, engage in arts and crafts activities, participate in captivating Read Aloud sessions, and gain insights into the art of crafting storybooks. With the help of the latest HP technology, local artists will empower Filipino children to see themselves and their lives reflected in the pages of the stories they read.

Christian Edmond Reyes, Managing Director of HP Philippines, emphasized that,

“The NABU HP Creative Lab was born out of a shared vision to preserve and celebrate Filipino stories and increase access to literacy resources for the local community. This space provides a unique opportunity for present and future generations to connect with the rich local heritage through enriching learning activities, strengthening the bond between creativity, culture, and literacy.”


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