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JUN 12, 2024

From Fintech to NABU: The Inspiring Journey of Camille Park

NABU: From Fintech to NABU: The Inspiring Journey of Camille Park

The NABU team is thrilled to introduce its new Chief Operating Officer (COO): the impressive Camille Park! Camille brings extensive experience, drive, and passion for social impact. A well-traveled achiever, Camille has a proven track record of driving transformative change around the world.

Camille Park is a purpose-driven leader with a notable track record in business strategy and operations. With a deep commitment to making a positive social impact and driving transformative change through innovation and collaborative leadership, she stands out as a visionary in her field.

Camille's educational background, which includes degrees from Columbia Business School and McGill University, underscores her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, she is poised to make a lasting impact wherever she goes.

Focusing on microfinance, payments, and remittances in Africa, Camille honed her expertise and leadership skills. Her tenure as the Global Head of Operations, Business Partnerships, and Development at Spektra, a venture capital-backed fintech company poised to launch a super app designed for the African market, exemplifies her ability to navigate challenges and drive success in complex environments.

Prior to her current role, Camille was the Government Relations, Policy, and Compliance Lead at ONE ACRE FUND in Burundi, where she established strategic government relationships and successfully implemented game-changing initiatives that scaled the farmer base from 100,000 to 1,000,000, increasing annual collective revenue from $23M to $164M.

In addition to her corporate roles, Camille is also a passionate social entrepreneur. She founded RE:TOUCH HAITI, a social enterprise empowering young filmmakers in Haiti, and has been actively involved in initiatives aimed at driving positive change in underserved communities.

What sets Camille apart is not just her professional accomplishments but also her global perspective and language versatility. Fluent in French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, she effortlessly navigates diverse markets and fosters international connections, enriching her leadership capabilities. Beyond her professional endeavors, Camille is an avid traveler, embracing diverse cultures and experiences. She values work-life balance, indulging in hobbies like cycling, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. Her vibrant personality, marked by optimism and empathy, inspires creativity and collaboration wherever she goes.

"I joined NABU because it aligns perfectly with my lifelong mission to disrupt the poverty cycle through sustainable job creation, microfinance for smallholder farmers, and financial inclusion via technology. After 15 years of dedicated work in Haiti and East and West Africa, I am driven by my passion for technology and scalable operations to tackle monumental challenges. NABU embodies this vision, making it the ideal platform for making a transformative impact."

As our new COO, Camille will play a crucial role in guiding NABU's operations and strategy, ensuring that we continue to fulfill our mission of empowering readers and transforming the landscape of global literacy. Her business acumen, commitment to social impact, and collaborative leadership style make her the perfect fit for our team!


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